‘Ides Of Trump’ Bombards White House With Postcards, And Here Are The Photos To Prove It (IMAGES)

Beware the Ides of Trump. No, this postcard protest won't put our modern-day Caesar's life in danger, but this mountain of mail may daunt his ego.

Beware the Ides of Trump. No, this postcard protest won’t put our modern-day Caesar’s life in danger, but this mountain of mail may daunt his ego.

Last month, protesters launched The Ides of Trump Facebook page and invited us to deluge the White House with post cards. On Feb. 9, they posted:

On March 15th, each of us will mail the White House a postcard that publicly expresses our vocal opposition to the new president. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm Washington with the President’s unpopularity and our negative opinions of his agenda.

But why March 15? As English majors and theater goers may recall, “The Ides of Trump” is a reference to a line from William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” in which the dictator was warned, “beware the Ides of March.” That’s how the the middle of March — the 15th — was marked on the ancient Roman calendar.

Sure enough, Caesar met his untimely demise at the hands of his enemies in the Roman Senate.

On Wednesday, the day arrived. The GOP’s unsuspecting president Donald Trump tweeted that he’s looking forward to a big rally in Nashville, Tenn.

The Ides of Trump replied that they’re looking forward to the big rally in his mail box.

And sure enough, across our nation people got busy On March 15 and the weeks leading up to it with postcard parties galore.

Top 39 photos from the “Ides of Trump” postcard protest.

Alas, we can’t stop or even slow Donald Trump’s and the Republican Party’s toxic agenda with postcards. But they do serve as a potent reminder the majority of us oppose his agenda, and his approval ratings are sinking like a stone.

Plus, these amazing photos may at least make you smile.

1. Here, the folks from the Ides of Trump posted a photo from one of their postcard parties on their Facebook page.

Thank you! @signs_of_a_revolution・・・Making it rain ☔️ with postcards at this postcards party 🎉! The force is fierce! …

Posted by The Ides of Trump on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2. Meanwhile, some folks in Naples, Fla. got a head start with their postcards protest the week before.

3. This self-described “True Blue activist” got an even earlier start. These colorful, hand-drawn and lettered postcards look great.

4. People from New Jersey have never been known to mince their words. The results from this Ides of Trump postcard party are no exception and some of these postcards are definitely not “family friendly.”

The most prominently featured among these cards informs Donald Trump, “You just suck (and I’m a Republican).”

5. And here’s another conservative who’s turned against Donald Trump and writes, “Dear donald, Thanks. Since your election I’ve met so many nice liberals.”

6. The photo below shows yet another impressive Ides of Trump postcard party effort from Studio City, Calif.

Huddle for Humanity, Studio City, CA did an awesome job in writing 250 postcards!

Posted by Huddle for Humanity on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

7. Many of these missives are works of art that almost seem wasted on the recipients in Donald Trump’s White House.

8.  This would look better in an an art gallery than in a mountainous pile of Donald Trump’s unread mail.

9. But you don’t need to be an artist to make a powerful statement.

10. “You’re fired.” Many Ides of Trump protesters want to turn the tables on the former Apprentice host. But this pink slip looks amazingly authentic.

11. While this example was likely created with a template on the web, it’s still impressive for packing so much into so little space. The creator slams Donald Trump for “Russian ties, the wall, [U.S. Secretary of Education] Betsy DeVos, the Muslim ban, [U.S. Attorney General] Jeff Sessions, not draining the swamp, pu**sy grabbing, incessant tweeting, being a bully, lying all the time, attacking women’s rights, Neil Gorsuch [his Supreme Court nominee], and parading around with that ridiculous spray tan.” Whew!


12. And here’s a terse reminder that Donald Trump and the GOP have no business acting like they have a mandate when they lost the popular vote by 2.8 million.

13. Parents also noted that they’re sick of having to explain Donald Trump’s cruel, churlish, and childish behavior to their children.

14. Speaking of kids, some also had bones to pick with Donald Trump. The following young author of an Ides of Trump postcard starkly accuses the GOP’s president of ruining her birthday, which fell on Inauguration Day.

15. This eight-year-old had a far more scatalogical thought to share.

16. Meanwhile, a 13-year-old bluntly expressed his displeasure with Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.

17. This concerned parent’s postcard serves as a grim reminder of all we stand to lose under Donald Trump’s “unified Republican government.” Like our children’s right to an adequate education…Especially if they are disabled.

In a challenge to U.S. Secretary of Education Secretary Betsy De Vos’ support of vouchers and lack of support for the ADA, this postcard declares: “Requiring my disabled child to sign away her rights under IDEA is NOT educational choice.”

18. Furthermore, Donald Trump vowed that no one would lose their health insurance coverage with the GOP’s “repeal and replace” of Obamacare. But guess what? Of course it’s a lie.

19.  Many also honed in on Donald Trump’s and the GOP’s alarming environmental policies and gutting of the EPA.

20. It’s bad enough that the GOP seeks to roll back environmental laws designed to ensure we all have clean air and water, and to fight climate change. But, despite right-wingers supposed support of “states rights,” California’s emissions rules are under attack.

21.The fact that an “alt-right” white supremacist like Steve Bannon helps run the White House is a huge setback to the civil rights movement. This Ides of Trump postcard shows Martin Luther King, Jr. face-palming from beyond the grave.

22-25. Artists also joined the resistance and provided an impressive assortment of online postcards for us to print out and send.

26. A Georgia resident also pointed out that back in the day, Jimmy Carter gave up his peanut farm to avoid any appearance of conflicts of interest.

Yet Donald Trump still refuses to fully divest from his businesses or release his tax returns.

27-29. And let’s not forget Donald Trump’s highly suspicious ties to Russia.

30-31. Kellyanne Conway turned out to only be joking about former President Barack Obama spying on Donald Trump’s Microwave. But the Ides of Trump postcard posse wants Trump to know we’re still watching them.



32. Many suspect that Donald Trump’s Steve Bannon’s, Russia’s, ExxonMobil’s, or someone else’s puppet.

Here's my card — off in the mail a few hours late. Bon voyage, little card!

Posted by Bessie Perkins on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

33. And we might be okay with the hole Donald Trump is digging himself into if he weren’t digging us into it too.

34. If this Sharpie-wielding citizen had anything to do with it, Mein Trumpf would be gone.

Posted by Nancy Lion-Storm on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

35. The GOP’s president has vowed to “Make America Great Again,” but we all know his promises are poor currency that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.


Posted by Carolyn Brown on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


36. Plus, as a child succinctly points out, his “hair is so weird.”

Posted by Joshy Beaudrault on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

37. “I like to imagine you in jail,” this postcard proclaims.

38. So  here’s wishing Donald Trump a “happy Ides of March.”

Featured image: Composite with Ides of Trump postcard protest photos via Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Unfortunate that this, or something about this action, wasn’t posted BEFORE the 15th………..

    1. Actually, Liz, I posted announcements about this action with a sample postcard and a link to the Ides of Trump group on Facebook for more information. That’s a better way, since those kinds of visually self-explanatory posts get more shares. In this post, I just wanted to give it a shout out and to call out my favorites. It was hard to stop, there were so many great ones. Also, I wish I could have done more to promote this event. I didn’t find out about it until the night before.

    2. This has been in the news and shared for two months. What I want to know is, where they actually delivered?

    3. This was floating around Facebook for more than a month. But it isn’t too late to send postcards. I know the ones from overseas are just getting there.

  2. If 45 is still in office- or Mike Pence for that matter- I think we’ll need a repeat in ’18. I love the USA… what a cool and weird place.

  3. It’s not too late to send a postcard. No one says you can’t send one on March 16th or 17th, or 18th, or you get the idea.

  4. Elisabeth: Thank you for this! I didn’t organize a postcard party or participate in one, so it was great to see all these images. Actually feel the power of the people. Ha! And the creativity was phenomenal. Hope we do one for Speaker Ryan and Maj. Leader McConnell soon. Thanks again!

  5. If you join your local or the National Resist group you will be kept informed of campaigns like this one weeks in advance.

    Sometimes you will need to check in or research activism on your own. Or send in your ideas…

  6. I sent a postcard of four fish playing poker with the message “Quit gambling with our country!!”

  7. I particularly liked the one that said “NJ Hates You”. I live in NJ, specifically in the town where his crappy golf course is, so I hate him even more.

  8. So awesome, the creativity was amazing. I do wish that I had heard about it sooner! What a terrific idea–Americans letting 45 know just all of the many negative opinions that we have of the mess that this arrogant traitor has made! Can only hope jail is in his future

  9. I LOVE that this action was taken. I participated myself. However, I’m sure they will be thrown away. We need to keep trickling them in to our representatives, continue to make phone calls and show up at town halls. And most of all VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS! …and RUN FOR OFFICE!

    Keep it civil, ladies. Teaching our kids to think it’s OK to say YOUR HAIR IS WEIRD is teaching kids to bully. We must be bigger than this if we truly want to be heard, taken seriously and make a difference. Take the high road but DO NOT STOP resisting. This president’s behavior CANNOT BE NORMALIZED!

  10. so proud of the liberals of this country. what you have done here is awesome. keep up the big fight don’t ever stop I’m right behind you.

  11. I sent 7 postcards. It felt GREAT to take part in this action of #resistance. Keep it up, folks!!

  12. My friends, family, and I personally sent 250. My good friend, Charlene, sent 500. There were LOTS of local postcard parties in the first two weeks of March. I hope someone from the US Postal Service will leak photos of the mounds of cards.

  13. We did more than 300 postcards at my postcard party here in Florida. Some addressed to Komrade Trumpsky 🙂

    It was so cathartic!

  14. I sent 10 cards I made from pink paper with several different messages. My favorite had LIAR on one side and an angry kitty on the other.

  15. I’ll bet he has a press conference to brag about how the piles of mail show how popular he is, given as he is to alternative facts. I loved the humor and creativity and hope we keep up the pressure.

  16. I sent mine to ‘Current Residents/ Temporary Occupant.’
    Message: I prefer my president not to be a draft-dodger. Loudmouths are the true sign of cowardice. By the way: nice hair, Bozo. Signed, a VietnamVeteran.’
    I will send more.

  17. I sent 45 cards for 45 my favorite of mine was the one.

    “You will never fill Obama’s shoes”

  18. This was a great idea. Sorry I hadn’t heard about it. I think postcards and letters from all of us to all the Republicans in Congress, Cabinet members and Republican governors might be more effective as they can actually stop this nightmare.

  19. I sent post cards and urged our indivisible group to do so as well. Did they get them? No reaction…or at least publicly…anyone knows????

  20. There hasn’t been anything in the news about the results… no comment at all from the administration. Is there any kind of update on the impact? I personally mailed 100 cards. I know of others who mailed hundreds. But complete silence as to impact… and they all must have been received by now. I’m feeling disheartened that there’s been nothing in the media, even unconventional outlets about the numbers for the post office or anything.

    1. Trump would never admit receiving them, but it’s likely to depress morale in a White House where everyone already hates each other (as reported by multiple news outlets) so…. Every little bit helps.

  21. It is fortunate for Mr. Trump that we have not yet been reduced to the autocratic, retrograde nation sought in his decisions on policy priorities. If that were the case, he would find his hands tied behind his back while he was either decapitated or stoned to death in a stadium. Or, if it were the Russian method he appears to prefer, a radioactive isotope cocktail.

    Did the White House get swamped, or did they just trash the bags and bags of mail??? That wouldn’t surprise me either, but I want to know!

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