The media keeps explaining the violence taking place at rallies across the country as a “clash” between Trump opponents and Trump supporters. And they’ve only barely started talking about all those white supremacists who showed up.

But the worst offender was the president himself, whose response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, Va. was to say there were issues on “many sides, many sides.” This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. In an April article blandly titled “Trump Supporters, Opponents Clash In Berkeley,” Newsweek observed:

A melee erupted on Saturday in a Berkeley, California park where supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump were holding competing rallies, resulting in at least 20 arrests as police struggled to keep the two camps apart.

Tax Day rallies were held across the country on Saturday to demand that the GOP’s president Donald Trump release his tax returns. But in Berkeley, things got ugly. And as many astute Twitizens noted, many of these people were clearly “Alt-Right” neo-Nazis spoiling for a fight.

Shane Bauer from Mother Jones caught several of these so-called “counter protesters” Sieg Heil-ing their cold, shriveled little hearts out.

Here’s a sign that refers to the wildly anti-Semitic “Da Goyim Know (shut it down) meme that claims Jewish people run the world and shut down conspiracy theories to keep the “truth” from getting out.”

Goyim literally means “the nations” in Hebrew, but in Yiddish it has come to mean non-Jewish people.

And what do you think all those K’s stand for?

“This is who Antifa attacked today in Berkeley,” this tweet proclaims, as though these are totally innocent bystanders.

But instead, they all look like they’re looking for a fight…

…Especially this one.

Strangely, they keep knocking “Antifa” — the anti-fascist, anti-Trump movement. But if you’re anti-anti-fascism, doesn’t that make you a fascist?

If not, it at least makes you a racist. Here’s a guy mocking the Black Lives Matter movement with a poster featuring Pepe the Frog — a cartoon character the Alt-White hijacked.

….and these snowflakey avatars of white fragility also want us to embrace “straight pride.”

During the rally, a so-called “Trump supporter” punched a woman in the face, and the video went viral.

The face-punching Trump supporter turns out to be Nathan Damigo, a known neo-Nazi and “Alt-Right” leader who spent five years in prison for robbing an Iraqi (at least he thought the guy was Iraqi) cab driver at gunpoint.

Nathan Damigo, White Supremacist.

And sure enough, here’s Damigo at the rally, spoiling for a fight.

Despite the fact that news reports still haven’t named the woman who got punched, these angry white supremacists have somehow “found” her Facebook page, where she allegedly said she was heading to Berkeley and planned to “bring back 100 nazi scalps.”

They’re so contemptuous of her, they don’t even see her as a person. And when you stop seeing people as people, it’s a slippery slope.

Contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative, this wasn’t a “clash” between protesters and counter protesters. This was an full-on assault by Trump supporters against the resistance.

They knew it and even gloated over their victory…

…and went out for drinks, courtesy of Mike Cernovich, the “Alt-Right” social media personality and conspiracy theorist. How nice of him.

These Trump supporters are also threatening to show up in more cities to inflict similar violence, just like Adolf Hitlers Brown Shirts once did.

Twitter detective: “Alt-Right” Trump supporters planned to incite violence to discredit protesters.

And here’s the thing…It’s looking more and more like this violence was planned by these Alt-White Trump supporters weeks in advance. A Twitter user named Caroline O. tracked down the first tweets about the Berkeley protest, and what she found wasn’t pretty.

It turns out Nathan Damigo isn’t the only instigator with a rap sheet.

Scarily, this tactic of inciting violence to discredit protest movements is a tried and true method employed by repressive regimes of the 20th and 21st centuries.


NOTE: This article was updated from a previous version.

Featured image: Composite with screen grabs via Twitter.

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