[Updated: 11.29.2018] Election day finally approaches after two years of despair. Yet we’ve enjoyed some solace from an unlikely source: Anti-Trump church signs across America.

In 2016, the unimaginable happened. Donald Trump “won” the White House despite losing the popular vote by 2.8 million.  In the dark days following this botched election, we hoped for the best. But even before taking office, the GOP’s president proved himself more awful than we imagined.

Since then, we’ve endured two years worth of cruel and destructive policies forced on us by a one-party dictatorship. Yet, these funny, poignant, and thought-provoking anti-Trump church signs offer hope.

Here, we see the beginnings of a newly assertive Christian Left joining the resistance and standing up in protest. In recent decades, the face of Christianity has become a loud, cruel, and intolerant minority forcing their beliefs on the rest of us. Yet churches — especially black churches — played a leading role in both the Civil Rights and the Abolitionist movements.

Finally, Christian progressives are taking back their Jesus. Halleluja! It’s about time. And the best thing is, congregations across America keep coming up with great new anti-Trump church signs. As I discover them, I’ll add them to this post.

The 33 Best Anti-Trump Church Signs

33. “I Was a Stranger and You Tear Gassed Me.”

Conover Kennard spotted this sign outside the United Methodist Church Building in Washington, DC. It’s located near the US Capitol and Supreme Court buildings.

“‘I was a stranger, and you tear gassed me.’ … Wait a second.”


This, of course, refers to Jesus Christ explaining how God would separate the righteous from the sinners as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” [Matthew 25:25, ESV]

32. “Shalom.”

A Catholic church just outside of Pittsburgh sent a message of love after the Squirrel Hill Synagogue shooting. Meanwhile, thousands of Jews and non-Jews gathered in synagogues and other public spaces around the world to observe Shabbat and show support.

31. “Black Lives Matter.”

Sadly, deeply red Fresno County, Calif. ordered this church to take down their sign. When the reverend refused, they stripped it of its function as a polling place ahead of the 2018 election.

Rev. Tim Kutzmark declared, “Our black lives matter sign is a statement of our theological belief.” But Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth complained that the sign makes people “uncomfortable.”

30. “Kindness is everything.”

This sign appeared outside of a United Methodist Church in Park Ridge, Ill.  #MakeAmericaKindAgain.

29. “In our America…

…All people are equal. Love wins. Black lives matter. Immigrants and refugees are welcome. Disabilities are respected. Women are in charge of their bodies. People and planet are valued over profit. Diversity is celebrated.”

I don’t actually think we’ve come as far as the tweeter below seems to think. But this is still a great anti-Trump church sign.

28. “What would Jesus, a brown Middle Eastern Jew say about white supremacy?”

This anti-Trump church sign was spotted in University Place, Wash.

27.  “Judge Less, love more.”

“Abraham was an immigrant, Moses was a fugitive, Jesus was a protester. Judge less, love more.”

This gem comes from the Sayville United Church of Christ (UCC) in Sayville, N.Y.

Photo of hand-painted church sign: Abraham was an immigrant, Moses was a fugitive, Jesus was a protester. Judge less, love more.

26. “White supremacy is a sin. Just say it. “

It’s sad that we even have to remind people of this.

The Christian Post snapped a photo from a small church in Iowa after Donald Trump defended the white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va.

25. “Kneeling welcome here.”

The Arapaho United Methodist Church shows support for Colin Kaepernick and the other NFL Anthem protesters. #TakeAKnee

Anti-Trump church sign: "Kneeling welcome here."

24. “Dear Lord, is it time to impeach? Give us a sign and blot out the sun.”

This witty anti-Trump church sign appeared shortly before the solar eclipse in August 2018.

23. “No Trump.”

Someone put a “NO TRUMP” sign under a “No Parking” sign in front of a Catholic church in Annapolis, Md.

"No Trump" sign under 'No Parking" sign.

22. “Dear God, please make Donald Trump your servant.”

This is among the most poignant of the anti-Trump church signs. Yet Rev. Titus James of the North Heights Christian Church in Wichita, Kan. said he sincerely hoped the president-elect would rise to the occasion.

He told KWCH he would pray for him and for healing.

“…We have Donald Trump as a result of democracy, as the result of a free election. What are we going to do? I say we get behind him and pray for him, but also as citizens, let’s do our part to help heal our land as well.”

He kept the sign up through the day of the inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.

21. “Tweet unto others as you want others to tweet you.”

Here’s a humorous twist on the “do unto others” command from Jesus Christ’s “Sermon on the Mount.”

20. “Covfefe.”

“When I find myself in Tweets o’ trouble, Mother Russia comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom. COVFEFE!”

This came out shortly after the non-word “covfefe” bizarrely turned up in one of Trump’s tweets.

While the photo below may not actually be of a church sign, it’s still pretty danged funny.

19. “God deceived poor white folks.”

Rev. Michael R. Jordan from the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala. enjoys trolling Trump supporters with his anti-Trump church signs. He put up the sign shown below in January, before the inauguration.

The other side of the sign reads, “Undercover racist elected Donald Trump.” Jordan’s anti-Trump church signs hit the nail on the head.

18. “Love your neighbor, protect Medicaid.”

Did Jesus Christ send bills for healing the sick? No, he did not.

17. “Dear Rep. Scalise & Sen. McCain…”

…As you walk the halls of Congress to cast votes remember health insurance benefits for all!”

In the days leading up to the GOP’s’ “Skinny Repeal” defeat in the Senate, this was among the most widely circulated of the anti-Trump church signs. As you may recall, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) was gravely wounded during the 2017 Congressional Baseball shooting.

Upon his return, a Washington Post reader wrote in an op-ed, “Welcome back, Steve Scalise. Good thing you have health insurance.” Yet he continues to support gun rights. and to support Team Trump’s attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

16. “If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table, not a taller fence.”

Unlike Donald Trump and the Republican Party, the Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace gets this. Due to the GOP’s harsh new anti-immigration policies, refugees are now flocking to Canada instead of the U.S.

So much for our being the “Land of the Free.”


15. “I was a stranger and you did not welcome me. Matthew 25:43”

This refers to a passage from Matthew 25:43, in which Jesus Christ describes the Last Judgement. Those who welcomed and cared for Him — even though appeared to be nothing but a stranger and disheveled vagrant — will join Him in heaven. Those who turn him away will be punished.

For I was hungry and you gave Me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave Me nothing to drink, 43. I was a stranger and you did not take Me in, I was naked and you did not clothe Me, I was sick and in prison and you did not visit Me.’ 

Rev. Ron Gamer of the Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church on Long Island in New York has turned heads with his clever signs for years. But with Donald  Trump in the White House, he’s gotten more political.

This sign most obviously references the White House’s policies towards immigrants and refugees. But the sign could also apply to the GOP’s ill will towards the poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

14. “God Said “Let us make them in our image” – that includes trans folks.”

Co-Pastor Robin Anderson from Commonwealth Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va. tweeted out this photo of their sign in response to Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military. In addition, the Pentagon’s reluctant Joint Chiefs of Staff said they won’t comply with the order because it didn’t go through the proper channels.

The CBC strives to be inclusive and welcoming. They recently hosted a workshop led by LGBTQ advocate, spiritual director, author, and speaker Susan Cottrell on “Reclaiming Your Faith: Taking Jesus Back from the Non-Affirming Church.”

13. “Rather than a wall, America needs to build a giant mirror to reflect on what we’ve become.”

Ouch. This sign from the Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City makes a damned good point.

12. “‘Stay woke’ Luke 12:36.”

This refers to the apostle Luke urging people of faith to keep watch and wait for God to return like servants awaiting their lord.

That way, when He arrives, they’ll be prepared and open their doors to Him immediately.

11. “Make America Compassionate Again.”

This sign from St. Pius X Parish warmed the heart of an Instagram user passing by.

10. “No matter who is president Jesus is King.”

This house of worship may not have intended to slight Donald Trump, but it certainly takes him down a peg.


9. “A narrow mind is usually accompanied by a wide mouth.”

Perhaps this sign wasn’t specifically intended for the GOP’s president, but it certainly seems that way.

8. “Love your neighbor.”

This sign from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Ridgefield, Conn. proclaims. This mother of anti-Trump signs then displays a long list of all the types of neighbors Jesus Christ wants us to love.

The list includes pretty much all the groups Donald Trump has said hateful things about and then some.

7. “A gay Christian is not an oxymoron. A hateful Christian most certainly is.”

Yet another provocative sign from Rev. Ron Gamer and the Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church. This time he’s sending a message that being tolerant doesn’t mean he has to tolerate Donald Trump’s intolerance.

6. “We believe in the separation of church and hate.”

This photo went viral in 2013, when an astonished person on Reddit posted it with the caption, “This is a real church.” Other Redditors jumped on the thread to explain that not all Christians are right-wing haters and there are actually a lot of loving, kind, and affirming churches in the U.S.

Perhaps this picture shouldn’t be included in a post about anti-Trump church signs, as it predates his candidacy. But with a hardcore Christian Dominionist a heartbeat (or impeachment) away from the presidency… Not to mention Donald Trump’s May, 2017 executive order on “Religious Liberty,” this gem has never felt more relevant.

5. “Friendship, not phobia. Muslims are our neighbors.”

The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Shoreline, Wash. showed solidarity with Muslims in the wake of Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Anti-Trump church signs: Photo with "Friendship not phobia, Muslims are our neighbors." from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

4. “Thou shalt not lie or use alternative facts.”

This anti-Trump sign from Canaan Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. adds a new twist to the 8th Commandment.

It appeared shortly after Team Trump propagandist Kellyanne Conway coined the term “alternative facts” to explain away her Orwellian lies.

3. “No one has enough money to be a successful liar.”

The second in what I hope will be Canaan Baptist’s anti-Trump church signs appeared in April. As an Instragrammer who goes by the handle @mcgroovan wrote, “Reverend Larry Owens, Jr. pulls no punches. #exposed”

Alas, journalist Renee Klahr is far more cynical, as am I.

2. “‘The arc of history is long but it bends toward justice.’ — Martin Luther King, Jr.”

As we sadly celebrated our first Black History Month of the hopefully short Trump era, this sign gave a much-needed reminder that we can still have a glimmer of hope for our future.

1.  “The trouble with self-made men is they tend to worship their creator.”

The GOP’s president is not self-made as he claims, this isn’t really one of the anti-Trump church signs, it’s just a page from a church calendar. The text may not even refer to him. But the words certainly seem to apply to men like Donald Trump.

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