We’ve got less than a week to go until the 2018 election… And these Halloween photos from the Resistance should keep us fired up. One of the things I love about my fellow resisters is how fun and creative so many of us are. Especially when it comes getting the anti-Trump administration message across.

So here’s my roundup from around the Internet. For the best in #BlueWave costumes, pumpkins, and more from around the Internet, read on. Enjoy, and please feel free to share!

These Kids are Woke AF

1. This winning trio first appeared on Ariel Perry’s Instagram, reports Bossip.Com. ❤️


The photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina also posted this.


But they’re not the only ones.

2.  All these tiny Kaepernicks show someone’s raising these kids right!


3. And three cheers for this little one’s mom.

Let’s hope it sinks in.

Here Comes the Blue Wave!

Some of the best Halloween photos from the resistance show folks who’ve gone all out… And I mean, all out … With their Blue Wave costumes.

Let’s keep the enthusiasm going through Tuesday and beyond.

4. Danny, Sahil, and their pooch with the glowing eyes have outdone themselves.


5. Tired of seeing orange? Paint your pumpkins blue! This trend started in 2014 to raise consciousness about food allergies. It emphasized having (non-food) alternatives for kids who can’t eat the candy we buy.

Those pumpkins are more like a teal blue. Now, Blue-Wavers are using a deeper, more blue blue for a new purpose.

6. Who else thinks DC or Marvel should create a Blue Wave character!

7. If we had a #BlueWave2018 pageant, this gorgeous outfit would win hands down.

8. Some folks are even blue-waving at work.


9. If Captain America were a dog, I bet he’d look like this heroic pooch.

Get Out the Vote (#GOTV)

These #GOTV Halloween photos from the resistance make an important point. There’s only one way to “cast a disappearing spell” on the GOP. Go out and VOTE!

10. Love the awesome blue Maleficent horns.

11. <Groan> Sorry! I’m always a big-time sucker for bad punnies.

12. It’s never too early to dress up when you want to get the message out.

13. Across the country, volunteers are knocking on doors to get out the vote in 2018. Even on Halloween! Now, that’s dedication.

14. Wouldn’t you love to see those (literally) lit T-shirts at night?

More of the Best Halloween Photos from the Resistance

15. When Sasha Sorum saw photos from the Halloween White House, she responded with a photo of her own. It shows her and her friend wearing a jacket like the infamous “I Don’t Care” one Melania wore. Only it says, “I DO Care and So Should U.” Well done.


16. Why is this jack-o-lantern blazing, “Yes on 1631”? This initiative would make Washington the first state to fight climate change by charging for carbon emissions. The New York Times reports it’s one of Five Midterm Votes That Could Have an Outsize Impact on Climate Change.

17. That moment when Princess Leia joins the resistance… When NBC tweeted bizarre footage from a White House event with kids in Halloween costumes, Judy Schear had a hilarious response.

18. Here, one of the best Halloween photos for the Resistance came from a Republican. GOP Rep. Mark Sanford’s photo below got lots of derisive retweets for obvious reasons. What kind of monster gives out US Constitution leaflets instead of candy?

19. But that’s not the scariest thing going on this Halloween.

Trumpkin Pumpkins

What’s orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, & should be thrown out in November? Trumpkin pumpkins, of course.

20. This awesomely screamy one originally came from Dave Weber via Flickr (CC by 2.0), and now it’s making the rounds on Twitter.


21. Now, this is one scary scary scarecrow.


22. But who needs Trumpkins when we’ve got Beto O’Rourke

23. And who else misses 44?

24. So… Won’t you join us?

Got any anti-Trump Halloween photos from the Resistance? Post them in the comments below!

Featured image: Composite by Elisabeth Parker with It’s the Great Trumpkin, Charlie Brown, Dave Weber, CC By 2.0 via Flickr (foreground with background removed and filter applied). and Public Domain, Great Wave off Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai via Wikipedia (background).

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