It’s back to school time again, and normal parents’ kids can’t wait. For the rest of us, there’s Barely Adequate PARENTING magazine

When the school year begins, all the parenting publications run upbeat, can-do articles on how to ensure a happy, productive school year for your child. But … what if you’ve done everything possible, nothing works? You can’t even sell your recalcitrant demon spawn on the black market, because the operators standing by at the 1-800-GYP-SIES hotline know your caller ID and won’t answer their phones?

Fear not,  Barely Adequate PARENTING magazine’s “Back to School!” issue can help failed parents of slacker children like us. You know who you are. You’re the one with the three-year-old who decided to no longer be potty-trained on the first day of pre-school. And when you signed her up for Pee Wee Soccer because all her friends were going, she loftily proclaimed no interest because “it’s just chasing around a ball.”

And, alas, things kept getting worse from there. If this sounds familiar, then Barely Adequate Parenting magazine is for you.

The September issue of Barely Adequate PARENTING magazine is chock full of lots of helpful articles, including:

  • Easy lunches for picky eaters that are starchy and yellow: Say goodbye to cleaning out uneaten healthy lunches from your child’s backpack, with sure-fire winners like Goldfish, Doritos, and Cheetos.
  • Save big on crappy school supplies from China: Sure notebooks will fall apart, and the graphite will fall out of your child’s pencil every time he or she sharpens them, but what the hey!
  • De-Stress Your Life: Toss your child’s school paperwork in the trash … seriously ALL of it. I mean, most of this crap just lies around in piles on your desk making you feel guilty about not reading anything or filling out the forms, right? and:
  • TRUE STORY: How a mom learns to stop obsessing over grades and embrace her child’s mediocrity. After all, SOMEONE’s gotta be just average!


Barely Adequate Parenting magazine’s “Back to School” issue.

Barely Adequate Parenting Magazine -- Back to School issue Fall 2012.

Our Barely Adequate Parenting magazine’s SPRING issue is out.

Featured photo for Barely Adequate Parenting magazine’s “Back to School” issue: Public Domain Photos.

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