The next time someone tries to tell you that “no one gives a crap about climate change,” show them these 23 amazing photos of the hundreds of thousands of people who came together around the world for the People’s Climate March on Sunday, September 21. But as a mother among many mothers around the world, it’s hard for me to believe “nobody cares” about our future.

While the mainstream media news stations were busy totally ignoring the People’s Climate March that weekend, over 400,000 people showed up in New York City alone to show their support for clean energy before this week’s United Nations Climate Summit. And that’s just in New York City.

"Nobody cares about climate change?" Think again. On Sept. 21 400,000 people showed up just in New York City for People's Climate marches around the world.

“Nobody cares about climate change?” Think again. On Sept. 21 400,000 people showed up just in New York City for People’s Climate marches around the world. Photo: Video screen grab/NBC.

Elizabeth Michaud, tech writer and mom from Boston who made the trek to New York City told reporters:

“If we don’t hurry up and clean up our act we are in the process of destroying a livable planet. We need to take action.”

Hundreds of thousands more turned out in towns and cities around the world, in far flung places like Rome, Tokyo, New Delhi, Papua New Guinea, and Kathmandu. MSNBC reports over 40,000 demonstrators gathered for People’s Climate March events in London, 25,000 in Paris; and 10,000 in Melbourne, Australia.

The media took their sweet time about covering the People’s Climate Marches — Media Matters reports not a single one of the Sunday talk shows even bothered mentioning them. But NBC finally came out with a belated report:

23 amazing photos from People’s Climate March events around the world.

Photo People's Climate March: NYC Bright orange signs and sunflowers.

23. New York City —Politico. POLITICO ‏@politico Yesterday’s #PeoplesClimate march in NYC drew nearly 400,000, shattering record. PHOTOS:

Here’s the Facebook post from Mother Jones that inspired my post:

Photo People's Climate March: Huge crowd photographed from above in NYC.

22. New York City — Michael Polard via Mother Jones.
Mother Jones – The next time you hear someone say “no one gives a shit about climate change,” show them this photo. (Photo: Michael Polard) #climatemarch

Photo People's Climate March: Parade with signs in London. "Climate Revolution" and No to Fossil Fools..

21. London — Feargus and Hili via Climate Revolution.
The People’s Climate March – London (9 photos): Sunday 21st September, 2014. From London to New York, Rio de Janeiro to Delhi and Stockholm to Lagos, this was the largest ever global march for Climate! All over the world, over 500,000 people took to the streets to put pressure on world leaders to take action on carbon emissions.

Photo People's Climate March: Crowd in New Delhi..

20. New Delhi, India – Brad Johnson.
Brad Johnson ‏@climatebrad: Check out the @Peoples_Climate March in sweltering New Delhi (95F/35C), India! @350india #peoplesclimate #pcm

"Photo People's Climate March: Crowd at park in Bendigo, Australia.

19. Bendigo, Australia — Henny Penny.
Henny Penny ‏@rosegoggles RT @350ppmJames: People’s Climate March in Bendigo, Australia #peoplesclimate

"Photo People's Climate March: Crowd in Katmandu, Nepal.

18. Kathmandu, Nepal — Brad Johnson.
Brad Johnson ‏@climatebrad Beautiful: @Peoples_Climate March in Kathmandu, Nepal via @sunilnpl #peoplesclimate #pcm

Photo People's Climate March: NYC: Baby with globe as bike helmet.

17. New York City — NeonMamacita via Mashable
Steve Silberman ‏@stevesilberman Face of the Day: People’s Climate March NYC [by NeonMamacita via @mashable]

Photos: People's Climate March NYC signs: Earth needs some likes; and Let's not wait for Will Smith to save us OK?

16. New York City — Mashable.
Mashable ‏@mashable 18 witty signs and costumes from the #PeopleClimate March:

hoto People's Climate March: this inspiring group helped start People's Climate demanding that Japan goes Nuclear Free, Carbon Free!

15. Tokyo — People’s Climate March.
TOKYO: this inspiring group helped start People’s Climate demanding that Japan goes “Nuclear Free, Carbon Free!” — in Tokyo, Japan.

Photo People's Climate March: People on beach in new Guinea holding sign Action to protect our islands not words!

14. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea — Robert Weber via People’s Climate March.
To #StandUpForThePacific we need ACTIONS, not words!!! Photo credit: Robert Weber, Old Plantation.

Photo People's Climate March: Vigil with circle of candles and shiny letters spelling out: The ice is melting.

13. Hudersfield, UK — People’s Climate March.
Huddersfield, UK: A vigil for climate safety — in Huddersfield.

Photo People's Climate March: New Delhi, India -- 350 India. People marching with replicas of wind turbines and solar panels.

12. New Delhi, India — 350 India.
People’s Climate March with replicas of wind turbines and solar panels.

hoto People's Climate March: NYC Robin Hood Tax crowd with banner: No Dirty Energy in the Green Climate Fund.

11. New York City — Friends of the Earth.
Friends of the Earth ‏@foe_us — MT @erichpica: We need @RobinHoodTax to fund the Green Climate Fund. #peoplesclimate march @foe_us

People's Climate March NYC -- photo with sign on chalkboard and graph: The (climate change) debate is over!

10. New York City — Climate Progress.
Climate Progress ‏@climateprogress PHOTOS: Thousands march in biggest climate change rally ever

Huge numbers even turned out for the People’s Climate March in New York City early for this beautiful promotional  photo.

Promotional photo People's Climate March from the night before.

9. New York City — Business Insider.
Business Insider ‏@businessinsider Sep 20 There’s a huge march happening in NYC this weekend — here’s what it’s all about

Photo People's Climate March with banner: Istanbul.

8. Istanbul — Ayla Jean Yackley.
Ayla Jean Yackley ‏@aylajean few thousand environmentalists in #climatemarch on #istanbul’s istiklal against govt’s nuclear, hydro plans

Photo People's Climate March: Turnout for People's Climate March vs. Lame Obama impeachment rally.

7. Obama Impeachment Rally (6?) vs. NYC People’s Climate March (400K), Climate Progress.
A tale of two rallies: More than 300k people marched in New York yesterday

Photo People's Climate March: Crowd in Berlin.

6. Berlin — Grossi.
Grossi ‏@GrossiBerlin #peoplesclimate Berlin March arriving at the B-Gate. Save the climate-Save the planet

Photo People's Climate March: Paris. People holding big sign "Soyons le Changement" (Let's be the change).

5. Paris — Mike Hudema
Mike Hudema ‏@MikeHudema Wow! RT @Avaaz: 25,000+ at #PeoplesClimate march in Paris. Thousands in Rome. #climate #actnow

Photo People's Climate March: Rome. Crowd dressed in green forming a heart.

4. Rome — Revolution News.
Revolution News ‏@NewsRevo #PeoplesClimate March in Rome | Watch NYC’s march now on multiple live streams

Photo People's Climate March: Toronto, Canada.

3. Toronto, Canada — Robert vanWaarden.
Robert van Waarden ‏@rvanwaarden May 10 Carrie Lester leads the #DefendOurClimate march in Toronto. More imgs.

Photo People's Climate March: 23 New York signs -- ABS CBN news Channel

2. Signs from new York — ABS CBN News Channel.
ABS-CBN News Channel ‏@ANCALERTS Some of the protest signs carried during the People’s Climate March in New York. (Photo via Reuters)

Photo People's Climate March: London.

1. London — Richard Stonehouse via the World Wildlife Fund.
Nathalie Claes ‏@NatClaes Inspiring day and proud to be representing @wwf_uk at People’s Climate March in London #fortheloveof sunny days <3

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