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Image from screen shot of YouTube video from LSDoubleBay..

When an unidentified man from a suburb of Adelaide, Australia ran a classified ad to sell his home, he wasn’t expecting a reporter and camera crew to show up on his doorstep. Unfortunately, it was the last line of the ad that “brought out the reporter’s crusading instincts.” The real estate listing reads: “HIGHGATE. Open … Read more


In case any of my readers wonder why I haven’t been posting much lately, it’s because I recently started working as an editor and writer for the online, progressive politics Web magazine, Addicting Info, and the run-up to election days keeps us quite busy! One of the things that I feel really excited about is … Read more

Barely Adequate Parenting magzine cover

When the school year begins, all the parenting publications run upbeat, chirpy articles on how to ensure a happy, productive school year for your child. But … what if you’ve done everything possible, nothing works, and you can’t even sell your recalcitrant demon spawn to the gypsies, because the operators standing by at the 1-800-GYP-SIES … Read more

Photo of baby with glasses and book.

11 children’s books that celebrate the creative rebel in all of us (ages 0-7) From an early age, some children never quite “get with the program.” They’re the spirited kids — the curious, high-energy, persistent, and demanding ones who balk at rules, push limits, ask endless questions, chatter incessantly, wander off during circle time, draw … Read more

Marvel Comics character, the Green Lantern, comes out as gay.

Marvel Comics’ “Green Lantern” character officially comes out as gay (image courtesy of Marvel Comics). Green lantern “comes out.” “Million Moms” out-argued on their own facebook page.  Boy, I sure enjoyed reading about One Million Moms’ epic facebook fail today on Daily Kos. The women who protested J.C. Penney’s hiring Ellen deGeneris as their spokes-lezzy, … Read more

Aveda Signage

Can somebody PLEASE take this poor, starving waif to Bill’s Diner and feed one of their famously HUGE, high-calorie, and delicious big breakfasts before she devours the fancy bouquet of flowers she gazes at with such naked longing? This beautiful child seriously gives me the creeps. I find it scary that a company devoted to … Read more

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Hugh Matkin’s hilarious mash-up takes various quotes, audio snippets, video clips, and photos from political news footage, brilliantly splices them together, and sets them to Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady,” to skewer Mitt Romney. As a former Boston resident, I applaud the universal healthcare initiative Romney passed … Read more