West County Buzz,’ March 2009

Writing Samples - Elisabeth Parker - Russian River Monthly - West County Buzz - March 2009.

“West County Buzz” Column for the Russian River Monthly

March 2009

Intro: How can we enjoy this winter’s unusually sunny weather, with the threat of drought looming above like a non-existent rain cloud?

“West County Buzz” was my monthly column for the now-defunct Russian River Monthly. This newspaper covered news, issues, politics, and events in towns along the Russian River in Western Sonoma County, California. “West County Buzz” took a more light-hearted approach with local color, humor, happenings, and insider gossip.

I wrote this local column for the March 2009 issue of the Russian River Monthly as local rainmakers sought to end a drought, and Sonoma County Sheriffs launched a “reign of error” in pursuit of the infamous “Guerneville Archer.”

You can read the article below or click here for the PDF version.

Alas, I can’t link you to the original article because the Russian River Monthly was a casualty of the Great Recession.

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