Fiber Internet Service (Landing Page)

Fast Fiber Internet Service - screenshot of landing page.

At Last! The Screaming Fast Fiber Internet Service You Crave

This Miami-based IT company needed a landing page for ads they’re running for their exciting new fast fiber internet service. Unlike Google and other competitors, this company’s a one-stop shop. They also offer web hosting, voice over IP (VOIP), cloud services, consulting, web design and more.

  • Role: Freelance SEO content writer/copywriter
  • Intro: Are you sick and tired of gnashing your teeth while waiting for websites to load? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to our insanely fast fiber internet service. Seriously.
  • Focus keyword phrase: fiber internet service
  • Website: CompuSource, a web hosting company that specializes in WordPress sites.
  • Link to the original post:
  • Project description: Researched and wrote a landing page with calls-to-action.
  • Tools: WordPress, Yoast SEO Plugin, MozBar, and Grammarly.

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