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Vintage Guitar Masters – The 5 Most Wanted Gibson Guitars for Sale … and Affordable Alternatives

This article on collectible Gibson Guitars for Sale was one of my first writing projects for The Income Store. Since most of the most in-demand models have already been snapped up, I did some research on less obvious but much-loved models that are swiftly emerging as the next generation of collectibles.

  • Role: Freelance content writer and editor for The Income Store, an Inc 500 company that builds and maintains revenue-generating websites for our site partners. (October 2017 – October 2018).
  • Intro: There are the collectible Gibson guitars for sale that are hot … And then there are some choice picks with good upside that you can afford.
  • Focus keyword phrase: Gibson guitars for sale
  • Website: Vintage Guitar Masters,  A place to learn about collecting vintage and classic guitars, amps, combos, special effects pedals, and more.
  • Link to the original post:
  • Project description: Researched and wrote an article with relevant images, multimedia and social media embeds. This was one of my first projects for The Income Store (see below), where I started out as a freelancer.
  • Tools: WordPress, Photoshop, Yoast SEO Plugin, and Grammarly.

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You can read the article below, or you can click here to view a PDF version.  Please note that the post includes screen captured images for the embedded social media and videos. But if you click on them, the links will take you to the live media.

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Featured image: CC A-SA 2.0 Christian Mesiano/Rumble Seat Music via Flickr.

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