Workshop Tasting Room

Workshop Tasting Room - Screenshot of Home page - Elisabeth Parker's portfolio.

Workshop Tasting Room, Design, Local SEO, and Launch

New WordPress website and Facebook page design and launch, with search engine optimization (SEO) for local search and Mail Chimp for email list and management. 2016.

After parting ways with her former business partner, going on hiatus, and launching the Workshop Tasting Room, the proprietor wanted to get the word out. Victoria already had a great space, local clientele and a couple of hundred people on her mailing list. But she wanted to also have a web presence, manage her email list, and create attractive emails in HTML.

Oh, and did I tell you she was on a budget?

A Basic WordPress Theme and Free Stock Art

Using a basic free WordPress theme (Twenty Sixteen), I took her logo and built a website to feature her new space. We also came up with a great tagline: The Workshop Tasting Room, a great place to taste wine in the North end of Tacoma. With some free Public Domain and Creative Commons stock art, plus some photos my client had taken, we built a simple, friendly, welcoming website. I also used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help people find her, and edited her content to drive traffic to her shop.

Workshop Tasting Room - front page - screenshot .

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Local Search

Despite the abundance of great wine bars, shops, and tasting rooms in Tacoma, the Workshop Tasting Room quickly began appearing in the much-coveted top three box in Google’s local search results page.

Screenshot of Workshop Tasting Room appearing in the top 3 for local search in Tacoma ("tasting room near me").

A New Facebook Presence

I created a Facebook page for her with a cover graphic and profile picture, so she could start building a following. This way, she could also run local ads for upcoming specials and events at the Workshop Tasting Room.

Workshop Tasting Room - screenshot of Facebook page - Elisabeth Parker's portfolio.

MailChimp for the Mailing List

Finally, we installed MailChimp, and I created templates with header images and taught her how to create emails and manage her list. Since Mail Chimp is free to use for under 2,000 subscribers and offers incremental upgrades, my client can scale up as the Workshop Tasting Room grows. Mail Chimp also makes it easy to see which emails get opened, add and remove subscribers.

Here’s the invitation to the French wine tasting.

Workshop Tasting Room - screenshot of email invitation to event with MailChimp.

Here’s the email invitation to a fall event.

Workshop Tasting Room - Email invitation - Autumn wine tasting.

Alas, in 2020, Victoria decided to close her tasting room and move to a different city. You can still view a version of the site in the Wayback Machine.

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