Not a Gunman

Screen shot - Elisabeth Parker's portfolio - writing Sample - This man's not a 'gunman,' he's a terrorist.

Hey, mainstream media: This man is not a ‘gunman.’ He’s a terrorist

Written for Reverb Press, then republished on11/29/2015 by Raw Story

Focus keyword phrase: Robert Lewis Dear

Meta description: Dear Media. Please stop calling Robert Lewis Dear a ‘gunman’ and a ‘shooter.’ He’s a terrorist. If you don’t report him as one, you’re part of the problem.

You can read the article below or click here for the PDF version. Video and social media are shown with screenshots as placeholders. To view the actual videos and social media, click on the images and follow the links.

Link to  article:

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Featured image: Mugshot via Colorado Springs Police Dept, cropped with PhotoShop filters applied by Elisabeth Parker.

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