Giant Sucking Sound

Screenshot of blog post - American News X - Business travel jobs gone because of Donald Trump - Elisabeth Parker's portfolio.

That Giant Sucking Sound Is 241,400 Jobs Leaving The U.S. Because Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

02/23/2017 for American News X

Focus keyword phrase: Business Travel.

Meta description: Donald Trump promised to “make America great again” and fix the economy. Instead, his Muslim ban’s hurting the U.S. business travel and tourism industries.

You can read the article below or click here to view the PDF version. To view the actual videos and social media, click on the images and follow the links.

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Here’s the link to original article. Alas, Facebook’s algorithm changes throttled American News X‘s reach and led to its demise, but the Wayback Machine still has it):

Featured image: Composite with Public Domain photos via Free Max Pixel and Pexels.

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