Sonoma Family Life, June 2011

Sonoma Family Life Magazine cover, Calendar Editor, Elisabeth Parker Writing Samples, June 2011.

Sonoma Family Life, Calendar Editor, June 2011 Edition

As a mom who loved raising our daughter in the North Bay, working as the calendar editor for Sonoma Family Life and Mendo-Lake Family Life magazines was my dream job. I loved teaming up with my coworkers to produce this fun and valuable resource for local families. And after years of freelancing as a stay-at-home mom, I was thrilled to get out of the house. I also learned so much from my boss, Sharon Gowan, who just exudes competence and positivity in everything she does. Sadly, we had to move to Silicon Valley six months later when my husband landed a job equally amazing and much better-paying.


 Sonoma Family Life, Calendar Editor, June 2011: “KidFest, Fatherly Advice from Modern Dads, Let’s Go Swimming, Homesick Camper?, Family Photos, Market Place.”

Sonoma Family Life and Mendo-Lake Family Life are award-winning online and print family resource guides for Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino counties in Northern California, with a combined circulation of 40,000. As calendar editor in 2011, I did the following for both magazines:

  • Researched, compiled, and edited monthly calendar events using Bondware CMS.
  • Gathered news, events, images, and permissions for calendars and features.
  • Compiled and edited annual preschool and summer camp guides with FileMaker Pro database.
  • Promoted features, events, and contests for our publications, advertisers and partners on Facebook.
  • Documented styles and processes for calendars and guides.
  • Assisted with special events, including the annual Summer Camp Fair and Family and KidFest.

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