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American News X, Site Redesign and Theme Change

Site redesign, change from a free WordPress theme to a professional one (MH Magazine). 2016

While writing and editing at American News X — a news and politics blog launched by Thomas Clay, Jr. — we decided that the site needed a more professional look. The site had grown to 350,000 Facebook followers and 500,000-1 million visitors a month in less than a year. We needed better integration with social media, Google Analytics, Google AdSense and other ad partners, and our payment plugin. In addition, with over 60 percent of users browsing the web on their cell phones, we needed to make the site mobile friendly.

This is how the page and masthead originally looked.

American News X - site redesign - before screenshot.

For starters, we needed to use more dark text on a light background so the site would be more readable. We kept the logo (made by graphic designer Matt Silvan) but streamlined it and the masthead for a cleaner and more approachable look.

American News X - Site Redesign - Elisabeth Parker's portfolio.

Writer, Editor, and WordPress Consultant, American News X, 2016-2017

  • Produced, edited, curated, and shared engaging, relevant, accurate, and timely content on 13 Facebook pages for a news and politics blog start-up with 600,000 page views per month.
  • Ensured articles had strong titles, eye-catching images, compelling ledes and summaries, and high SEO scores.
  • Updated website design using WordPress and specialized plugins for SEO, social media, payments, advertising, responsive design, and customized visual elements.
  • Created a writers’ guide and tutorial for editorial standards and requirements, styles (modified AP), sourcing and formatting images, SEO, and WordPress basics.
  • Analyzed statistics from Google Analytics, AdSense, Facebook, and WordPress to increase traffic, rates per mille (RPM), engagement, and search rankings.

The site no longer exists, but you can see it in the Wayback Machine.