History of Jeans

History of Jeans

A history of jeans: 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and beyond. Origins of jean fabric, jeans in early art, origins of riveted jeans, first jean patent, jeans in early pop culture, modern jeans, jeans today, and modern jean design.

A History of Jeans (Infographic)

  • Role: Content specialist/writer
  • Website: The Jean Site, dedicated to jeans lovers with information on trends, fashions, history, care, and more.
  • Link to the original post: https://thejeansite.com/history-of-jeans/
  • Project description: Collaborated with graphic designer and wrote text for “History of Jeans” infographic. This was a fun, but challenging, side project.
  • Skills: Content writing, research

Content Specialist, The Income Store, 2017-2018

  • Edited, managed, and implemented digital content for an Inc. 500 company’s web properties.
  • Oversaw a team of 20 writers and editors to create engaging, high-quality content for Income Store websites.
  • Tracked, edited, and optimized content for clarity, readability, SEO, social sharing, and monetization.
  • Worked closely with Marketing Strategy Director to create content plans using relevant keywords with high traffic and low keyword difficulty scores.
  • Used Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, SEMrush, and AHREFs to identify content opportunities and areas in need of improvement.
  • Created style guides and documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) for tasks and processes.


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November 17, 2018