How does Donald Trump celebrate his 100th day since not being elected to the White House? By ignoring the Climate March taking place outside his window.

It’s sad that we live in a time where we have to stage a Climate March and beg our leaders to address climate change and believe in actual science.  Unfortunately, that’s where we are.

ABC reports over 150,000 people marched on Washington, DC. alone. Thousands more marched in demonstrations in cities across America and around the world. In a statement, The People’s Climate Movement’s national coordinator Paul Getsos marveled, “We’re blown away by the numbers.”

And one of the best things about the Climate March are the signs.

22 signs from April 29th’s Climate March.

1. For starters, when it comes to our “Unified Republican government”‘s lack of action on climate change, it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

2. In fact, this guy’s seen smarter cabinets than Trump’s at Ikea.

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3. And speaking of Donald Trump’s cabinet, this man from a Climate March in Bend Oregon dressed as a caveman and hilariously claims he’s Not My President Donald Trump’s science advisor.

4. Alas the actual members of Donald Trump’s cabinet — including former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — are as knowledgeable about climate science as a caveman would be.

Sierra Club‏Verified account @SierraClub 5h5 hours ago More Amazing signs here at the Fossil Fuel Resistance bloc! We will #resist the climate denier trio of Trump, Pruitt, Tillerson. #climatemarch

The Sierra Club via Twitter.

5. Even Santa Claus knows coal is bad, that’s why he leaves it in naughty children’s stockings.

Climate March sign: Even Santa knows coal is bad.

Mike Stockton via Twitter.

6. Speaking of people who don’t seem like the brightest bulb in the chandelier, here’s a reference to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s claim that she can see Russia from her porch.

But the irony is that the Crystal Glacier actually is in Wasilla (though I don’t know if the Palins have a view of it) and climate change is endangering communities in Alaska.

Libby McLeod‏ @lib1dog2 4m4 minutes ago More @Martina some signs on the March today for #climatemarch in D.C. (Wish you were here.) 🌍🌏🌎

Libby McLeod via Twitter.

7. Another sign from the Climate March makes a good point: Coastal towns throughout Florida — including Palm Beach where Donald Trump’s beloved Club Mar-a-Lago is located — are also seriously at risk of winding up underwater because of climate change.

8. The Republicans shut their eyes and deny climate change is a problem we need to address, but this toddler’s woke.

I <3 naps but I stay woke. Peoples Climate‏Verified account @Peoples_Climate Apr 27 More Creative signs stick out at a march. Enter the sign contest using #climatemarch & you might just win a prize!

People’s Climate March via Twitter.

9. These teenage girls are obviously excellent artists as well as Avatar the Last Airbender fans, and I approve.

10. This sign is beautiful and alludes to baking your own cookies instead of buying ones that contain palm tree oil. Palm Tree oil comes from trees in rainforests, which are under threat and crucial to the world’s climate and environmental health.

11. This Climate March sign from Missouri makes an excellent point: Aren’t “conservatives” supposed to be about “conserving” things?

12. And for those who think climate change is a price worth paying for well-paying jobs in the fossil fuels industry, here’s a pointed reminder.

13. Fossils are cool, but not as fuel, these costumed dinosaurs cleverly mention.

14. The Climate March sign is hilarious for those who enjoy bad, off-color puns. The one on the right humorously reminds us that we have no other planet to go to if we wreck this one.

15. This blackboard makes a strong statement.

16. Individually, these Climate March signs and banners are colorful and attention-grabbing. When a large crowd of marchers puts them all together, they make quite a statement.

17. Earth calling Donald Trump…

18. A few people tweeted out their signs before heading out to the Climate March. This one’s a funny limerick about the GOP’s head of the EPA.

19. This sign reminds us that Donald Trump swore he’d “make America great again” but has made us the laughing stock of the world.

20. After the Climate March, people left their signs in front of the EPA building as a message to Scott Pruitt.

21. The shocking thing is that the American people have to march on the capital to get our nation’s leaders to believe in science.

What do we want? Evidence-based science. When do we want it? After peer review.

People’s Climate March via Twitter.

22. Are your arms getting tired yet?

My arms are geting tired from holding this sign...Peoples Climate‏Verified account @Peoples_Climate Apr 27 More Creative signs stick out at a march. Enter the sign contest using #climatemarch & you might just win a prize!

People’s Climate March via Twitter.

Featured image: Screen grabs via Twitter and Instagram.