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Barely Adequate Parenting magzine cover

When the school year begins, all the parenting publications run upbeat, chirpy articles on how to ensure a happy, productive school year for your child. But … what if you’ve done everything possible, nothing works, and you can’t even sell your recalcitrant demon spawn to the gypsies, because the operators standing by at the 1-800-GYP-SIES … Read more

Photo of baby with glasses and book.

11 children’s books that celebrate the creative rebel in all of us (ages 0-7) From an early age, some children never quite “get with the program.” They’re the spirited kids — the curious, high-energy, persistent, and demanding ones who balk at rules, push limits, ask endless questions, chatter incessantly, wander off during circle time, draw … Read more


First let’s start with a summer haiku: School’s out for summer. Kids stampeding out the gates. How long ’til they’re bored? … But seriously, our daughter just finished her last day of school today, and June hasn’t even started yet!  Normally, the teachers stagger their class dismissals slightly, but today, the classroom doors all flew … Read more

Old fashioned eye glasses.

Husband’s glasses, GONE! He looks for them but can’t see. Oh, cruel irony! Image courtesy of ReusableArt.Com.  

Fire Fox logo.

FireFox keeps crashing, sending me to browser Hell. Updates? More of same. FireFox logo courtesy of Mozilla, though I don’t think they’ll like me using their logo here.

Can’t find the danged thing, Not in utility drawer. Futility drawer.

Vintage photograph of women doing laundry

Laundry piling up. Towering mighty mountains! Rising from the floor. image from PublicSounds.org.