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Tom McCabe, CEO, Freedom Foundation, 'Right-to-work-day': It would be hypocritical to honor the labor movement with a holiday when we spend the rest of the year working to curb its excesses.

‘Right-to-work’ is one of those many ingenious right-wing misnomers that should be more truthfully called ‘right-to-work-for-less.’ Read more


Conservatives are always going on about how our government should be run like a business. Even some progressives buy into this idea, because for some strange reason, we associate businesses with efficiency, transparency, thriftiness, productivity, and accountability — even though recent years have shown that all too many businesses embody anything but these qualities. As … Read more

Speak Teabonics Like A Native

  For those of us who live in blue states or liberal enclaves, traveling to red states can prove challenging — especially when nothing conservatives say makes even the slightest amount of sense to you. That’s why I’ve compiled this handy conservative phrasebook and dictionary so you can converse like a native, while fully appreciating … Read more


Yikes! Do the majority of Americans really think that the U.S. government is a threat to our freedom and personal liberties? According to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, the answer is “Yes” — for the first time since they began conducting this survey on a triennial basis in 1958. Pew … Read more

Image from screen shot of YouTube video from LSDoubleBay..

When an unidentified man from a suburb of Adelaide, Australia ran a classified ad to sell his home, he wasn’t expecting a reporter and camera crew to show up on his doorstep. Unfortunately, it was the last line of the ad that “brought out the reporter’s crusading instincts.” The real estate listing reads: “HIGHGATE. Open … Read more


In case any of my readers wonder why I haven’t been posting much lately, it’s because I recently started working as an editor and writer for the online, progressive politics Web magazine, Addicting Info, and the run-up to election days keeps us quite busy! One of the things that I feel really excited about is … Read more

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed

My response to reader Paul Sprague’s comments on my previous post on pension reform. Dear Paul, thank you for reading my previous post, Five reasons why pension reform is a TERRIBLE idea, and for your thoughtful comments (which appear in their entirety below the afore-linked post). I’ve responded to your individual points below: Paul: you … Read more